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Koala     Wombat      Kangaroo    Emu

These animals live in Australia. Many animals are "MARSUPIALs".

  1. KOALA ---> They live eucalyptus leaves and hardly drink anything.
  2. WOMBATs    ---> They stay in burrows all day and hunt for food at night
  3. PLATYPUS ---> They swim in rier but lays eggs in burrows.
  4. ECHIDNA      ---> They escape from enimies by burrying in the ground.
  5. MALLEE FOWL--> They warm their eggs by burrying them in a pile og dead plants.
  6. DINGOs ---> They are wild dogs who hunts for rabbits and other animals.
  7. KANGAROO ---> These are grass eating animals who leaps along on their back legs.
  8. EMUS  ---> They are tall birds, who cannot fly. Young emus are striped.
  9. SUGAR GLIDERs --> They drink nectar from eucalyptus flowers and glide through the trees.
  10. DUNNARTs--> They are also called "MARSUPIAL MICE" who eat insects and small creatures.