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Komodo dragon         Peacock                  Chameleon        

These are unusual animals, some are big, others are small.

  1. BIRD OF PARADISE ---> Males have beautiful feathers. They are beautiful birds.
  2. KOMODO DRAGON---> They are the biggest, 3 metres long, lizards.
  3. BLUE WHALE    ---> They are the biggest animal as long as 30 metres long.
  4. ELEPHANT SEAL ---> They are the biggest of all seals with trunks like an elephant.
  5. MUDSKIPPERs     ---> These are fish that can crawl out of water on the tree roots.
  6. CHEETAH     ---> They can run at more than 110 kilometres an hour.
  7. SKUNK  --> They frighten its enemy by squirting them with horrible smelling liquid.
  8. GIANT TORTOISE    ---> They are from Galapagos Island and are nearly a metre high.
  9. BIRD-EATING SPIDER ---> They are the biggest of all spiders, even bigger than an adult person's hand.
  10. KIWI  ---> It's nostrils are on the tip of its beak to smell worms underground.
  11. GECKOs  --->  They are little lizards which can walk upside down on the ceiling.
  12. CHAMELEON  ---> It's tounge can reach twice its body size.